Technological University Dublin Life Sciences Programs

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Established on January 1, 2019, Technological University Dublin. The merger forming Technological University Dublin significantly reshaped Ireland’s higher education. The University of Dublin, Ireland’s first technological university, offers exceptional learning opportunities across multiple campuses throughout Dublin. Grangegorman’s main campus serves as the central hub for academic and technological advancement in the region. The university provides various educational programs in multiple sectors, including business, engineering, science, arts, and digital media.

Technological University Dublin
Technological University Dublin

Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) leads in innovation and quality in higher education and offers a broad selection of undergraduate programs in the life sciences. These programs meet the evolving needs of the global medical industry and scientific research community. TU Dublin designs these programs to provide students with a robust educational foundation that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world experience. They cover biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, environmental health, and public health.

At TU Dublin, the first technological university in Ireland, distinguished faculty members teach the Life Sciences program. These faculty are active researchers and industry practitioners, as well as experts in their fields. This ensures that students are taught about the latest advancements and technologies. Modern labs and facilities at TU Dublin provide a platform for creativity and innovation, enabling students to work on cutting-edge projects that tackle some of the most critical issues facing environmental management and healthcare today. In addition, the university’s close relationships with top organizations and businesses in the life sciences field make its graduates highly sought-after by employers and provide access to worthwhile internships and job possibilities.

List of Life Sciences Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
TallaghtBachelor of Bioanalysis Bioanalysis Life Sciencesbachelors3September,13500
TallaghtBachelor of Bioanalytical Science Bioanalytical Science Life Sciencesbachelors1September,13500
GrangegormanBachelor of Biomolecular ScienceBiomolecular ScienceLife Sciencesbachelors1September,13500
GrangegormanBachelor of BiosciencesBiosciencesLife Sciencesbachelors3September,13500
GrangegormanBachelor of BiotechnologyBiotechnologyLife Sciencesbachelors4September,13500
TallaghtBachelor of Botanical CuisineBotanical CuisineLife Sciencesbachelors4September,13500
GrangegormanBachelor of Food Science (Hons)Food ScienceLife Sciencesbachelors4September,13500
GrangegormanBachelor of Physics with Medical Physics & Bioengineering (Hons)Physics with Medical Physics & Bioengineering Life Sciencesbachelors4September,13500

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