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The University of Lethbridge (ULethbridge) is a public university in Alberta, Canada, with a main campus in Lethbridge and a second campus in Calgary. Founded in 1967, it offers undergraduate and graduate programs in over 150 areas of study, including arts, sciences, education, fine arts, health sciences, and business.

The University offers various scholarships to help students finance their education. These scholarships are available to domestic and international students, and there are awards for students at all levels of study, from undergraduate to doctoral.

University of Lethbridge

Grade 11 Merit Award

University can start immediately after you are in Grade 12, especially if the University of Lethbridge is on your list of destinations! Students who complete our online form by June 30 of their grade 11 year are eligible for our Grade 11 Merit Award. There is no need for an essay or recommendation letters; it is an easy process. The Grade 11 pupils who achieve the highest will get awards.

In October, notification letters are sent out.

Apply online by June 30 of the year you will enter grade 11.

Deadline: June 30

Grade 11 Merit Award

 Value: up to $6,000

To be eligible for one of our high school awards, you must be entering uLethbridge straight out of high school or without attending any other postsecondary institutions. High school applicants are given awards based on their entrance averages and additional requirements such as creative skills, leadership potential, volunteer work, and financial need. For these prizes, a separate scholarship application is necessary. Some awards obtained through the online application may require an essay or a letter of recommendation.

How to Apply: Go to the Bridge and complete the online General and Undergraduate scholarship applications.

Deadline: March 15

Post-Diploma Awards

First-time college applicants who are accepted receive grants with a college diploma. Unless otherwise specified, the minimal cumulative G.P.A. needed is 3.0 for prizes and 3.5 for scholarships.

How to Apply: Sign in to the Bridge and complete the online application for the scholarship.

June 15 is the deadline. Worth: $300 to $2,000.

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