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In Institution City, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, there is a private national university run by Emiratis known as the University of Sharjah. However, It began in October 1997 by its creator, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah, to fulfill the educational demands of the emirate of Sharjah. Moreover, The university’s objectives include becoming a preeminent academic center in the Middle East and worldwide. Furthermore, The university has constructed campus facilities, In addition to its main campus in Sharjah City to deliver education, training directly, and research programs to numerous communities within the emirate, GCC, Arab countries, and abroad. However, most importantly, the institution is vital to the socioeconomic advancement of the Sharjah emirate.

University of Sharjah

Entry Requirements

Completing 12 years of study and obtaining a Higher/Senior Secondary Certificate.

Applicants to the College of Medicine and Dental Medicine Colleges are required to pass a personal interview

University of Sharjah Fees

1500 AED
Minimum requirements for promotion to the first year of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery or Bachelor of Dental Surgery:

In order for a student of these programs to be promoted to Year one she/he must:
Successfully complete the Foundation Year.
Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of (2.5) out of (4.0).
Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of (2.5) in Chemistry and Biology and their respective labs in the first and second levels.

International Baccalaureate

no less than, 24 out of, 45 points
A Levels: minimum grade of B at the AS-Level or a C at the A-Level 
Application fee: 360 AED


Completion of 4 years Bachelor’s Degree with minim 2.5 CGPA out of 4.0
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a CGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00. Students with a CGPA between 2.5 and 2.99 may be admitted conditionally

English Language requirements

IELTS undergraduate: 5.0 in each component
IELTSpostgraduate: 6.0 in each component

TOEFL IPT undergraduate: 500, IBT: 61
TOEFL IPT postgraduate: 550
PTE: 42, Overall

Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) undergraduate: 1225
Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) postgraduate: 1400

Application deadlines

Admission for all colleges except Medical Colleges
from, June/2023, until Aug/2023

Admission to Medical Colleges (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, and Health sciences)
from, June/2023, until July/2023

University of Sharjah fees

Arts Degree: 49,232 AED – 53,970 AED  ( 13,405$ – 14,695$)
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations: 39,014 AED ( 10,623$)
Architectural Engineering: 57,592 AED ( 15,680$)
Business Degree: 52,556 AED ( 14,310$)
Engineering Degree: 52,556 AED – 57,592 AED ( 14,313 – 15,680$)
Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering: 57,882 AED ( 15,760$)
Environmental Health Sciences: 51,538 (14,033$)
Health Services Administration: 51,538 (14,033$)
Bachelor of Law: 42,046 ( 11,450$)
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery: 107,545 AED ( 29,280$)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 51,538 AED ( 14,033$)
Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy: 51,538 AED ( 14,033$)
Science Degree: 48,760 AED – 52,556 AED ( 13,277$ – 14,310$)
Petroleum Geosciences & Remote Sensing: 50,000 AED ( 13,614$)
Environmental Health Sciences: 51,538 AED ( 14,033$)
Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering: 57,592 AED ( 15,680$)


Bachelor of Arts in International Relations: 49,170 AED ( 13,388$)
Master of Arts in Translation: 49,170 AED ( 12,850$)
Engineering Degree: 47,190 AED ( 13,388$)
Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering: 54,599 AED ( 14,866$)
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management: 52,556 AED ( 14,310$)
Master of Science in Leadership Health Profession Education: 40,565 AED ( 11,045$)
Leadership Health Profession Education: 40,565 AED ( 11,045$)
Master of Science in Environmental Health: 50,234 AED (13,678$)
Master in Air & Space Law: 47,190 AED (13,388$)
Science Degree: 50,243 AED (13,678$)
Medical Laboratory Sciences: 43,948 AED (11,966$)
Physics: 51,765 AED (14,095$)
Engineering Management: 47,190 AED ( 12,850$)
Environmental Science & Engineering: 50,243 AED ( 13,680$)
MBA: 47,190 AED ( 13,388$)
Adult Critical Care Nursing: 43,848 AED ( 11,939$)
Master of Science in Adult Critical Care Nursing: 27,405 AED ( 7,460$)
Master of Science in Physiotherapy: 35,574 AED ( 9686$)

University of Sharjah scholarships

High School Discount

The University provides a 50% discount on semester tuition fees (for the first semester only – the semester that the student joins the University) to students who obtain an average of 90% or more in their High School results. (Accepted Grade is reviewed by Admission Department). However, this discount is applicable to all colleges but does not apply to students on full scholarships/sponsorships and/or transfer students.

Distinction Discount

The Distinction Discount is an incentive discount provided by the University to encourage outstanding students to continue performing with distinction at the University. Moreover, The University reserves the right to withhold this scholarship during any semester.

Excluded from this discount are students enrolled in the College of Graduate Studies and Research and students enrolled in IEP programs.

Students are not permitted to obtain a Refund against the Distinction discount and it is not provided to graduates or students who are withdrawing from the University.

To receive the Distinction Discount, students are required to enroll in at least 15 Credit Hours (excluded are students in the Colleges of Medicine and Fine Arts).

Discount applies to the end of the respective semester of study (i.e. to the same semester of study).

TERM GPA (TGPA or per semester GPAPercent of Discount on Tuition fee
3.95 – 4.0050%
3.90 – 3.9440%
3.80 – 3.8930%

GPA Criteria for Distinction Discount (except College of Medicine, Dentistry, and Fine Arts)

GPA Criteria for College of Medicine & Dentistry

Students in the College of Medicine and Dentistry receive a Distinction Discount based on the current year percentage once.

Furthermore, they complete the Foundation year and are promoted to the First year of Medicine or Dentistry.

Annual Year TGPA in percentagePercentage of Discount on Annual Tuition Fee
95 – 10040%
90 – 9430%
85 – 8925%

For students admitted to the University before the academic year 2019/2020 (U18XXXXXX and prior), In addition, the discount applicable is dependent on TGPA, as per the table below:

Annual Year TGPA in percentagePercentage of Discount on Annual Tuition Fee
90 – 10040%

For students admitted to the University in the academic year 2019/2020 onwards (U19XXXXXX and after), the discount applicable is dependent on TGPA, as per the table below: 

GPA Criteria for College of Fine Arts

Annual Year TGPA in percentagePercentage of Discount on Annual Tuition Fee
94.92 – 10040%
92.46 – 94.9130%
90 – 92.4525%

Existing Student FA (Annual basis) the discount applicable is dependent on TGPA, as per the table below: 

For students admitted to the University in the academic year 2019/2020 onwards (UG Semester Basis) the discount applicable is dependent on Semester GPA, as per the table below:

TERM GPA (TGPA or per semester GPA)Percent of Discount on Semester Tuition fee
3.95 – 4.0050%
3.90 – 3.9440%
3.80 – 3.8930%
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