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Murdoch University is a public university located in Perth, Western Australia, with campuses in Singapore and Dubai. It formally inaugurated as the second university in the state on July 25, 1973. It took in its first batch of undergraduates in 1975. In the 2024 World University Rankings it comes at the 351–400th place. In the young universities ranking, it holds 84th position in 2023. According to Best Global Universities, Murdoch University is ranked #673. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, it is placed #=431. Moreover, the University has an overall score of 3.7 stars and is placed 351 in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings. The university’s acceptance rate is 79%.

Murdoch University Australia

Entry Requirements undergraduate

High School: A minimum of 65% in the top four academic courses for the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or Intermediate Certificate is required.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma​: Total score of 24 or higher

A-Levels​: AAA–AAB


Admission to graduate programs at Murdoch University requires an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and an average of 65%.

English Language Requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate

IELTS: 6.0 in total, 6.0 Speaking, 6.0 Listening, 6.0 Writing, 6.0 Reading

TOEFL: 73 In total, 18 in Speaking, 18 in Writing, 18 in Listening
Pearson Test of English (PTE):
fifty overall, fifty each of reading, writing, speaking, and listening

Murdoch University Tuition fee per year

Arts Degree: 28,680 AUD/Year
Business Degree: 30,840 AUD/Year
Engineering Degree: 35,160 AUD/Year
Education: 30,840 AUD/Year
Health Sciences: 35,160 AUD/Year
Law: 30,840 AUD/Year
Nursing: 35,400 AUD/Year
Psychology: 35,160 AUD/Year
Science Degree: 35,160 AUD/Year


Arts Degree: 33,360 AUD/Year
Business Degree: 31,080 AUD/Year
Engineering Degree: 37,320 AUD/Year
Education: 30,840 AUD/Year
Health Sciences: 46,260 AUD/Year
Law: 33,060 AUD/Year
Science Degree: 37,320 AUD/Year
renewable energy: 37,320 AUD/Year
Data Science: 50,040 AUD/Year
MBA: 50,040 AUD/Year
Psychology: 33,360 AUD/Year

Key dates

The deadlines for overseas applicants to Murdoch University are November 30, 2024, for enrollment in Semester 1 (February to June),
and May 31, 2024, for enrollment in Semester 2 (August to November).

Murdoch University Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate

International Welcome Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $11,000 or $12,000

The scholarship functions as a partial tuition discount, so the length of your course will determine how much you receive. The following individuals are qualified to receive the scholarship:

​Undergraduate – 3-year degree

Undergraduate – 4-year degree

Undergraduate: if you have been granted advanced standing, one to two years

Any combination between two years and six months for masters.


  1. Should you fulfill each of the following conditions, you might be qualified:
  2. You are beginning your studies toward a Murdoch coursework degree, which can be a master’s by coursework, graduate certificate, bachelor’s by coursework, or graduate diploma.
  3. There are no more Murdoch scholarships available to you.
Eligible courses
  1. All bachelor’s degrees are offered at one of Murdoch’s campuses in Western Australia and are accessible to overseas students.
  2. International students can obtain all graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, and master by coursework degrees at one of Murdoch’s Western Australian campuses.

International Merit Award

Scholarship Value: $1,000


In order to qualify for this scholarship, you have to:

  1. Receive the International Welcome Scholarship and start at one of our campuses in Western Australia in the 2020–2021 intake
  2. Be registered for a Murdoch coursework program, which can lead to a bachelor’s, master’s, graduate certificate, or diploma.
  3. Be registered for the evaluated year of study at a full-time pace (24 credit points).
  4. Attain a 3.0 GPA minimum for the evaluated academic year of study.

Alumni 25% Fee Tuition Discount

Scholarship Value: 25% tuition fee deduction


If you fulfill all of the following criteria, you are qualified for a tuition reduction for Murdoch University as an alumni

  1. The 12 months prior to beginning your postgraduate studies, you successfully completed a bachelor’s degree at the undergraduate level or a master’s degree (research or coursework) from Murdoch University; at the time of applying for the alumni fee discount, you were enrolled in an eligible course and you are enrolled in classes at a Murdoch University campus in Western Australia.
  2. There are no other scholarships financed by Murdoch that you are receiving.
  3. Only one of the following Murdoch study options fees may be reduced by eligible applicants using an alumni fee discount:
  4. A Graduate Diploma or a Graduate Certificate
  5. Masters by research; or

Masters by course work.

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