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The University of Tasmania is a public research institution Located in Tasmania, Australia. As Australia’s fourth-oldest university, it became a university in 1890. Internationally, the University of Tasmania ranks first among universities for climate action. According to the QS World Rankings 2024, the university comes in #=307. It is Australia’s fourth university to come into existence.

International students who pay their total tuition fees can choose from several scholarship options to help with living and educational expenses. The University of Tasmania scholarships provide a yearly stipend of AUD$31,500 (2023 rates) and full financial support. It offers domestic and foreign students with fully financed research master’s and doctoral degree scholarships. The University of Tasmania’s foreign student scholarships are open to applicants worldwide.

University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania scholarship for Undergraduate international students

Tasmanian Access Scholarship

Scholarship recipients from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam will receive 15% of their registered tuition fees paid during the term of an approved program starting in 2024.

Value5% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course.


You have to fulfill the following requirements to be on the consideration list for this University of Tasmania Scholarships 2024 in Australia.

  1. Fulfill the requirements to be considered an international student as outlined in the University of Tasmania’s application guidelines.
  2. Not enrolled at a University of Tasmanian Transnational Education (TNE) partner institution.
  3. Nationality from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, or Pakistan
  4. must be studying full-time in a degree program at an eligible undergraduate or graduate school, and not be starting at the University of Tasmania with a partner university through an articulation arrangement.
  5. Be starting your program’s first year in 2024.
  6. not receive a full scholarship from the government.

*Students from Pakistan and Vietnam may only apply for the TAS scholarship if they plan to start in Semester 1 of 2024.


Students’ names will come immediately into consideration when they submit their international student application, so there is no need for them to apply separately. Offer letters advising applicants of the status of their scholarship grants will be sent to them.

Tasmanian International Scholarship

Value25% off the total registered tuition cost for the length of the program.

About the Scholarship

  1. International students who meet the requirements can apply for the Tasmanian International Scholarship, which offers a 25% tuition price discount for the duration of their term. The scholarship depends on academic merit.
  2. Our Admissions Team will automatically evaluate all international students for the TIS Scholarship when they apply to study for an undergraduate degree (except the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Dementia Care, and AMC Seafaring courses).
  3. When an applicant submits their international student application, they are automatically in consideration for the Tasmanian International Scholarship. The selection of the recipient will depend on their academic achievement in secondary, certificate, and degree-level coursework.
  4. All semester intake applications are evaluated, and the applicant’s highest level qualification before starting their chosen study program (minimum one-year duration) will determine their standing for this award. Additionally, please be aware that standards and grading schemes differ greatly between nations.
  5. If final results are submitted, offer letters will inform candidates if they have been awarded a scholarship. The terms and conditions of the scholarship are available in the offer that successful TIS grantees will receive; they must carefully examine these specifics. Note that only incoming students are eligible for this scholarship. Current students will not be reevaluated for International Scholarships based on how well they are doing academically at the University of Tasmania.

Family Alumni Bursary

University of Tasmania Scholarships 2024 in Australia offers the Family Alumni Bursary that offers a 10% cost reduction on the registered tuition fees for the duration of the course to international students who had a parent, brother, or sister enrolled at the University of Tasmania, or who do so now.

The Foundation Studies Program, undergraduate degrees (including an Honors year), and postgraduate coursework degrees are eligible for the bursary.

Value10% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course. 
Ongoing eligibilityNot applicable.


Students must provide proof that either now or in the past, a parent or sibling is studying at the University of Tasmania. Students who have more than one sibling or sister enrolled in or currently enrolled in classes at the University of Tasmania are also eligible for this discount.


Students must submit a Family Alumni Bursary Application (PDF) to be evaluated for this rebate. Along with their application, students must affix the following official records to prove their eligibility for the Family Alumni Bursary:

  1. The birth certificate of the applicant (original and translated into English)
  2. Birth certificate of sibling (original and translated into English)
  3. Application’s passport (bio-data) page
  4. Parent’s passport (bio-data page) Student ID cards or enrollment documentation
  5. Evidence of Adoption (only necessary if applicable)

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