Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Business & Management Programs

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Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, excels in delivering excellent practical teaching and research. With a rich history from 1868, the institution has consistently changed to meet the demands of industry and society. Today, it offers various degrees in social sciences, business, engineering, and health sciences. At Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, we prioritize fostering innovation, creativity, and critical thinking among our students. Our approach provides students with practical skills that they can apply to the modern workplace. The school gives its alumni the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in a worldwide society and make significant contributions to their subjects through its solid business connections and emphasis on internationalization. The University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen offers several management and business programs that cater to the demands of the modern, global business environment.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen provides various management and business programs. All designed to satisfy the needs of the modern, international business world. Students study essential subjects like marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, business administration, and theory combined with real-world applications. Our programs prioritize the development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and effective leadership. Empowering students with the necessary knowledge and abilities to succeed in various professional contexts. The curriculum of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences places a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Students can participate in case studies, consultancy projects, and internships to expand their professional networks and gain practical experience. In addition, our faculty members—who are seasoned researchers and experts in the industry—offer mentorship and advice, making sure that students are ready for 

List of Business & Management Programs

Undergraduate Programs

EsslingenBachelor of International Industrial ManagementInternational Industrial ManagementBusiness & Managementbachelors3.53000March,September,15-january,15-july,

Postgraduate Programs

EsslingenMaster of Business Administration in International Industrial ManagementInternational Industrial ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1.53000September,31-may,

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