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Macquarie University is a public research university based in Sydney, Australia, in the suburb of Macquarie Park. Founded in 1964 by the New South Wales Government, it was the third university to be established in the metropolitan area of Sydney. Macquarie is ranked #10 in Australia and #130 in the world(QS World University Rankings, 2024) · Macquarie University is ranked #192 in Best Global Universities.

Macquarie has one of the most generous international scholarship programs in Australia. This includes a wide variety of long and short term opportunities for international students. Macquarie offers a wide range oscholarships. Most have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and while others recognise academic and sporting excellence. Macquarie University scholarship covers maintenance allowance, Overseas Student Health Cover and shortfall of tuition fee beyond HEC financial limit.

Macquarie University Australia

Road to Research Scholarship

This scholarship supports students undertaking short research projects in Year 2 of the Master of Research (MRes).

Student typeDomestic, International
Stipend value(Direct payment) $35,000 p.a.  
For courseMRes Year 2
Area of studyAll
Key datesApplications close on 31 October 2023 at 11pm

Selection process

  1. will rank candidates on the basis of Weighted Average Mark, or grade point average if you graduated before 2020. Scholarships will be awarded to the top ranked applicants
  2. assesses overseas qualifications using Australian Government guidelines to determine their comparability to qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


Awards will only be available to applicants who at the time of application:

  1. are onshore in Australia
  2. intend to reside in Sydney, Australia during their candidature
  3. plan to undertake a Master of Research Year 2 in January 2024 (S1 2024)
  4. are enrolling as full-time students
  5. meet the English language requirments for Macquarie research degrees
  6. meet the admission criteria for direct entry into MRes Year 2
  7. have a valid visa allowing you to commence your study in January 2024, for international students. If your current visa does not allow you to study in Australia until the end of the MRes course, you will still be required to apply for a student visa prior to commencement
  8. have confirmation of supervision from an eligible Macquarie University researcher (compulsory for FMHHS and desirable for the other faculties).

Awards will not be available to those who:

  1. are currently enrolled in a Macquarie higher degree research program, including current MRes Year 2 candidates
  2. are currently enrolled in MRes Year 1/BPhil program as they are considered for MRes Y2 scholarship during their progression
  3. are receiving another equivalent or major award, scholarship or salary to undertake the proposed course
  4. have already completed a research degree at the same or higher level than the proposed candidature
  5. wish to commence their MRes Year 2 program in Session 2 2024 (deferrals will not be available)
  6. provide false or misleading information to the University. Where there is reason to believe this condition has not been upheld, the University reserves the right to reassess the student’s entitlement to the award
  7. submit incomplete applications.


  1. a tuition fee offset for a maximum of one year
  2. a living allowance stipend of $35,000 for one year.

China Scholarship Council Scholarship

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) research scholarship is a collaborative arrangement that provides support to candidates from the People’s Republic of China to undertake a research degree at Macquarie University.

Stipend value(Direct payment) Up to AUD$35,000 p.a.  
For courseMRes, PhD, Global PhD
Area of studyAll
Student typeInternational

Key dates
Applications open 1 November 2023, close 5 February 2024


  1. be a citizen and permanent resident of the People’s Republic of China at the time of your application
  2. satisfy the Australian government requirments for a student visa for postgraduate research
  3. have applied for admission and meet all admission eligibility criteria for a Master of research or PhD degree, including the English proficiency requirement
  4. have received a conditional or unconditional offer for admission into a PhD program at Macquarie University
  5. have received a conditional offer for scholarship from Macquarie University
  6. satisfy all other eligibility criteria as defined by the China Scholarship Council.


Successful PhD candidates will receive:

  1. iMQRES tuition fee offset for up to three years
  2. co-funded stipend (living allowance) for up to three years at $35,000 per annum fixed rate.

Successful Master of Research (MRes) candidates will receive:

  1. iMQRES tuition fee offset for up to 12 months
  2. co-funded stipend (living allowance) for up to 12 months at $35,000 per annum fixed rate.

How to apply

New applicants will need to apply to Macquarie University for admission and scholarship. For details on how to submit an application

  1. When applying via the online Applicant Portal, ensure you select the course you wish to apply for and the MQCSC – Macquarie University – China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship.
  2. Macquarie University will do the assessment of applications. If you are successful, Macquarie University will provide a provisional offer letter. You will need this letter to apply to the China Scholarship Council
  3. Macquarie University will then provide the China Scholarship Council with a list of suitable candidates to be considered for the scholarship and the program they have received the provisional offer for.
  4. The China Scholarship Council will evaluate applications and select students on the basis of merit. The China Scholarship Council will announce the final list of scholarship recipients and send China Scholarship Council award letters to successful applicants.
  5. Macquarie University will contact the selected candidates and they will need to provide the official China Scholarship Council award letter to Macquarie University.

Mexican CONACYT-Macquarie University Scholarships

We have partnered with The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) of the United Mexican States, to promote access to research degrees at Macquarie University for Mexican students

Stipend value(Direct payment) Varies by course
For courseMRes, MRes Year 2 + PhD, PhD
Area of studyAll
Key datesApplications open on 1 January, close on 3 March 2024 11 pm
Student typeStudent type


The scholarship is available to candidates eligible to undertake the following courses:

  1. a two-year Master of Research (MRes)
  2. a four-year MRes Year 2 + PhD
  3. a direct entry three-year PhD.


This co-funded scholarship comprises a tuition fee offset:

  1. 70 per cent covered by CONACYT
  2. 30 per cent covered by Macquarie University.

How to apply

New applicants will need to apply to Macquarie University for both admission and a scholarship.
To be on the consideration list for the scholarship, you will need to provide the details of two academic referees with your online application.

Untangling environmental effects on bee health

This project investigates the drivers of bee health and evolution in honeybees and bumblebees by applying multi-omics techniques at landscape scales. The project will boost capacity to manage threats to pollination services.

Stipend value(Direct payment) $35,000 p.a.
For coursePhD

Key dates
Applications close 3 March 2024 (international), 30 April 2024 (domestic)
Student typeDomestic, International

Area of study

About the scholarship

The PhD project would suit candidates with background in some or all of:

  1. evolution
  2. genetics
  3. landscape ecology
  4. viruses
  5. microbiomes
  6. metabarcoding.

In this project we will:

  1. determine how Varroa mites alter the viral communities of both bumblebees and honeybees
  2. establish how bee viral communities are affected by the bee gut microbiome and nutrition across different environments
  3. establish how virus evolution and diversity is affected by the bee anti-viral immune response and bee invasion histories into novel environments.

There will be considerable flexibility in the design of the project, and candidates may decide to focus on a particular area or develop related questions


The scholarship is available to candidates eligible to undertake a direct entry three-year PhD program.

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